Christopher Buffalo Folsom




My name is Christopherr "Buffalo" Folsom. Most people call me Buffalo. The monicker was formed during my work as an archaeologist in the State of Utah. A couple of Native Americans I was working with started calling me Tatanka, the Sioux word for the American Bison. Over time, it evolved to "Buffalo".

If you have ever seen a Buffalo, you understand the incredible size and power that they posses. If I apply this analogy to my sculptures, it would reflect my passion for life, beauty and accomplishing what might seem impossible. One of the best compliments I have received was the loss of a commission as the client felt my work "brought out too much emotion". My belief is that there can never be too much emotion.

Several pieces I have created involve the use of recycled materials. I have been refered to as a junk artist, a genius and everything in between. As you view this site, you be the judge. Enjoy!